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We offer Vinyl Cut Decals and Vinyl Mask Stencils for the Sandblasting Industry.
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We specialize in the manufacturing of flat Sandblasted or Laser Engraved Granite Grave Markers (Headstones) complete for $395 + shipping learn more
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We offer 24" x 12" x 1-1/4" Flat Granite Headstones @ $395 total cost.
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We are presently working with Black & Black Pearl Granite
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We are offering out of concern affordable Grave Markers (Headstones) that have a Black Polished Granite Top on top of 4000 psi concrete base, with custom Sandblasted etched lettering and graphics. These Custom Grave Markers are around 125 lbs and are shipped by a hot shot service, which is addition to our Flat Fee for all grave markers.


Grave Markers (Headstones)
It takes about 2 weeks until delivery of all Grave Markers and will be shipped in a wooded crate. The cost for shipping is determined by the Hot Shot sevice provider, and where you are located. We do however do our best to get you your product as soon as possible.

What to have on a Grave Marker

A Hard Question is What Do I Put on a Grave Headstone at the Cemetery?
When a loved one dies, a grave marker is usually considered a mandatory part of the memorial plans. But deciding what to include on a grave marker can be a daunting task. Here are a few ideas that will help with that.

What are The Basics for the Grave Marker

Most grave markers will likely include the complete
legal name of the deceased and his or her dates of birth and death. If the deceased was known by something other than the legal name, as well include that name.
Including an
emblem of some sort is considered part of the basics of a grave marker. This part of the basics, however, is optional. Many well designed, beautiful memorial grave markers are still manufactured today without these features.
The final part of the basics is an
epitaph, a few words that capture the deceased's entire spirit. This, again, is an optional part of the basics, but most grave markers produced today have plenty of space to include such a line. We move on to more about epitaphs in the paragraph below.

Epitaph Ideas for My Grave Marker

Epitaph's are usually short phrases that capture the essence of a person's entire life. There are many websites that offer sample epitaphs written by professional writers. Families trying to decide what to say in their loved one's epitaphs should consider consulting one of those sites. A simple web search for epitaphs will yield dozens of examples.

What Not To Include on a Grave Marker

Experts will point out that an epitaph is generally not a good place to mention a corporation or an athletic team. Even if the deceased was a life-long fan of, say, the Oilers, Tim Horton's or Taco Bell, there is usually much more to a life than that. Care should be taken to focus a grave marker's design and contents, strictly, on the life of the one who is to be memorialized. It is important to remember that this marker will serve as the permanent record of the deceased person's life. Promoting a group that could be defunct within a few years of a person's death is hardly a wise thing to do on a grave marker.

In general, deciding what to engrave on a grave marker is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Families should be willing to discuss this matter in depth before making a final decision, and rushing should never be an option. For best results, everyone now alive should consider designing his or her own grave marker and sharing the design with family members well before it will be needed. Such an exercise may appear morbid at first glance, but, many who have done it report that it can be a therapeutic experience, and it certainly is helpful to assuring that one's legacy lives on for the centuries exactly as he or she intended.

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